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 Practical information on Las Terrenas: 

It is a typical village that is developing rapidly, and is surrounded by countless coconut trees, benefiting from the deserted beaches that are among the most beautiful in the country. It has a rhythm which is nonchalant and active at the same time. Las Terrenas is situated in the north of the Dominican Republic and is around 60 km from Samana. Numerous beaches, each one more beautiful than the other, are at your disposition. The most difficult thing to do will be to choose your favorite beach.   

According to all who have stayed in Las Terrenas, there reigns a very particular ambiance. You feel good, and at home. Las Terrenas is totally different from the rest of the country, a seaside resort that is on a more human scale which regroups different nationalities (French, Italian, Swiss, Belgians, Germans, Spanish, English…) all reunited with Spanish as their common language.

You can also discover the Los Haitises National Park. It is mainly an ornithological park but you can also find caves that have traces of the original inhabitants: the Tainos.

It is also possible to visit various beautiful waterfalls around Las Terrenas, and most notably the one at El Limon, the neighboring village.

Each year, the Samana bay welcomes hunchback whales which come here once a year to give birth and mate. It is truly an amazing spectacle and not to be missed if you make the trip in the season.

Las Terrenas is a place where you can try different sports: surfing and kite surf can be carried out almost all through the year. There is also the possibiliy of scuba diving. quite a few proffesionals have diving schools where you can rent material or take classes.
You can also go snorkling.

For the adventure lovers, you can rent ATVs and take an excursion on the coffee and cocoa routes where you will be able to meet the inhabitants of the lomas (hills).

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